MCSA SQL BI Reporting

BI Reporting demonstrates knowledge relevant to data analysis, data visualization, modeling, dashboards, and direct connectivity to data sources in Excel and Power BI.  It is the first step on your path to becoming a Data Management and Analytics Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

Exam 70-778: Candidates for this exam should have a good understanding of how to use Power BI to perform data analysis. Candidates should be proficient in connecting to data sources and performing data transformations, modeling and visualizing data by using Microsoft Power BI Desktop, and configuring dashboards by using the Power BI service. Candidates should also be proficient in implementing direct connectivity to Microsoft SQL Azure and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and implementing data analysis in Microsoft Excel. Candidates may include BI professionals, data analysts, and other roles responsible for creating reports by using Power BI.

Exam 70-779: Candidates for this exam should have a strong understanding of how to use Microsoft Excel to perform data analysis. Candidates should be able to consume, transform, model, and visualize data in Excel. Candidates should also be able to configure and manipulate data in PowerPivot, PivotTables, and PivotCharts. Candidates may include BI professionals, data analysts, and other roles responsible for analyzing data with Excel.

  • Power BI desktop data transformation.

  • Power BI desktop modelling.

  • Power BI desktop visualization.

  • Implement the Power BI service.

  • Connect to Excel data.

  • Collaborate with Power BI data.

  • Connect directly to data stores.

  • Power BI developer API.

  • Power BI mobile app.

• Explore and extend a classic Excel dashboard.
• Explore and extend an Excel data model.
• Pre-format and import a .CSV file.
• Import data from a SQL Server database
• Import data from a report.
• Create measures using advanced DAX functions.
• Create data visualizations in Excel.
• Create a Power BI dashboard with Excel.

Our boot camps are geared towards providing students with the necessary skills and knowledge to not only pass the Microsoft Certification exams, but to also excel in their IT career paths. All of our boot camps are all-inclusive and include benefits such as:

  • 100% Test Pass Guarantee

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This boot camp intended for extract, transform, and load (ETL) and data warehouse developers who create business intelligence (BI) solutions. Their responsibilities include data cleansing, in addition to ETL and data warehouse implementation.

This boot camp is also intended for business intelligence (BI) developers who focus on creating BI solutions that require implementing multidimensional data models, implementing and maintaining OLAP cubes, and implementing tabular data models.

At Course Completion:

  • Design and implement a data warehouse

  • Extract, transform, and load data

  • Integrate solutions with cloud data and big data

  • Build data quality solutions

  • Design a multidimensional semantic model (25–30%)

  • Design a tabular BI semantic model

  • Develop queries using Multidimensional Expressions (MDX)
    and Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)

  • Configure and maintain SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

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